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Obtain an IRS ITIN

Thank you for your interest in our Internal Revenue Service Individual Tax Identification Number (IRS ITIN).

You are probably asking yourself whether an ITIN can help with your status as a resident, for tax purpose, in the United States (US) or as a student or as an investor.

If you overstayed your visa to visit the US, you are a student, or you are an investor in the US economy, you probably need an ITIN because the IRS, your school, or your company may require this number. In fact there are many other situation when the ITIN is require to transact in the US. If so, our company can assist you and your family in obtaining ITINs.

Please access this site Contact Us page to find means of contacting us. We probably speak you language too! So helping you may be easier than you imagined.

The IRS provide a complete list of Acceptance Agent across the globe to assist you as well. Click on this link (ITIN Acceptance Agent) for a local agent.



Wilson & John

Wilson Louis-Elias, EA
John Thomas, CPA - right

Two former government tax auditors who, jointly, bring decades of experiences, skills and knowledge to you. Do not delay to contact them about all of your personal and business tax matters. Your tax problem cannot wait because the consequences can be too devastating...

Services Overview:
- IRS & State Representation in
  Individual & Business Tax Matters
- Individual Tax Returns
- Business Tax Returns
- Information Tax Returns
- Not-for-Profit Tax Returns
- Payroll Services, including 
  Payroll return, Paychecks,   
  and Direct Deposit
- Trust and Estates  Administration
- Business Creation  Assistance 


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