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Setting up Accounting Systems - Return to listing

The days of large size of analysis paper have long gone with the advent of computer software. By the same token, small businesses are feeling the pressure to deploy accounting software to reduce the burden of making journal entries, preparing reports and financial statements, maintaining employees’ information, keeping employee time sheet, and processing payroll. Accounting software also give small business competitive advantage.

Whether our clients choose to maintain the accounting records on their own or allow us the privilege of maintaining them, we set up their accounting systems. We must say that having financial data readily available is the first step towards guaranteeing any business survival. Setting up the system may include the acquisition of one personal computer (PC) or many of them depending on the number of employees who will need access to data.

In instances where more than one PC is needed, the client may be better off networking all computers. PC Touch Services Inc. will work with you to design and build your network, a means of centralizing and controlling access to the organization’s wealth of information.

Business Creation & Consulting - Return to listing

Our business creation and consulting services consist of assistance provided to both prospective clients who are planning to enter the business world and current clients with ongoing professional accounting and tax advice needs. Due to the fact that the latter two categories of clients may own a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, or a limited liability company (LLC), etc., this brief overview of our services will be discussed under the respective business entity types.

Sole Proprietorship - Return to listing

While some types of business entities may require relatively large sum of money to start, a sole proprietorship usually offers its owner the options of spending less to start. During the course of any substantial contacts with prospective clients, we explain to them the difference between different types of business entities. If they find a sole proprietorship to fit their business needs and we determined that creating this type of entity also fit the present business objectives, we will assist the client in creating and continuing to maintain the sole proprietorship type of organization.

Partnership - Return to listing

Sometimes, even husband and wife, for instance, may opt to create a business type of entity that calls for starting a partnership. If new partners requires no need of professional assistance for a partnership agreement, a general partnership may cost as little as a sole proprietorship to start. However, a partnership in general may have more economic resources available because a minimum of two owners will contribute resources to its creation and operations. When the business needs call for a partnership, we assist prospective clients in entering the business world as partners.

Corporation - Return to listing

The vast majority of people with basic understanding of differences between business types of entities always wish their disposable fund could cover incorporation and other costs to start the business. Although a small business corporation costs relatively a small amount of money, many new owners don’t possess all of the capital intelligence required to place at its disposal. As a result, they have to acquire professionals’ assistance from day one.

There are actually two types of corporations: general business corporation and sub-chapter S corporation. A general business corporation’s profit is taxed twice. This extra tax burden makes such type of entity less attractive to small business owners. As a result, many entrepreneurs tend to create and maintain an S corporation status to cause the organization’s profit to be taxed only at the shareholder’s level. In addition, losses flow through to shareholders and may reduce their other income for tax purpose. S Corporations are very attractive to small business owners.

We assist our client in every step of the way in creating their company of choice and maintaining records and operation of corporations.

Limited Liability Company - Return to listing

As a hybrid of individual, partnerships, and corporations, a limited liability company (LLC) is somewhat restrictive and costly to organize. In one instance, an LLC can be treated almost in the same manner as a sole proprietorship for tax purpose. In other instances, an LLC can be treated as a partnership or a corporation. Either way, the entity is still its own artificial person and apart from its owner(s). Our assistance in organizing LLCs is limited to those services accountants can provide without performing lawyers’ work. We fully assist our client in organizing their limited liability company and setting up and maintaining accounting records.

Bookkeeping including Financial Statements - Return to listing

Depending on our clients’ preference, our accounting staff makes field visits to perform bookkeeping works. They analyze source documents; make appropriate journal entries and produce business required accounting reports. In instances where our clients prefer to have their accounting work perform offsite, our firm only requires that our clients keep source documents together for pick up. Source documents are picked up as often as the business needs require and are returned to clients promptly. Any required report can be produced upon the clients’ request.

Since we participate in maintaining the accounting records, by year-end or completion of the accounting cycle, we are already in possession of most of the information required on tax returns. Then, we prepare all financial statements that will be used for tax returns preparations. Client may request and we will produce Financial Statements as needed.

Full Payroll Services - Return to listing

Our payroll service is a two-fold service consisting of payroll processing on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. The client’s operations dictate how often we process payroll. The other fold of the payroll service includes meeting payroll or withholding tax filing requirements. Our clients provide us with employees’ information and we process their payroll. When returns are due, we either prepare and file them or we send such returns to clients for signature and filing. Checks are prepared periodically for direct deposit, mailing to employees’ home address, or delivery at employees’ work location(s).

Tax Returns - Return to listing

We continue to assist our clients all throughout the year with tax filing requirements because we believe tax return deadlines are for those taxpayers who filed their returns. Those taxpayers/nonfilers who did not file can always come to us and we will prepare their backload of returns. It’s never too late to file tax returns when tax returns’ deadline was missed!

Individuals - Return to listing

If you have a single-member LLC or a sole proprietorship or you don’t own a business at all, we will file your individual tax return promptly. You can choose to either file your returns as paper returns or electronic returns.

Businesses - Return to listing

Our team of former government tax auditors is ready and able to prepare your business tax returns. Although we would prefer to know your company very well prior to filing the first tax returns, sometimes there has to be a first time. If your organization happens to be a unique type of entity, we will learn your business and its tax structures to provide you with our best service. Keep in mind that we always strive to know more about your organization to take advantage of all tax benefits available to it.

Not-for-Profits - Return to listing

There is a myth out there that churches and some other nonprofit organizations are not required to file tax returns. To a certain degree, it may not be a myth. However, a large number of requirements have to be met first. Then, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and your state tax agency will determine when and what returns are not required when the organization satisfies some requirements. It is almost always certain that a nonprofit organization will have to file payroll returns, sales tax returns, and tax-exempt income tax returns. We assist our clients in satisfying all not-for-profit organization requirements.

Information - Return to listing

Similar to some tax-exempt organizations, the type of returns partnerships file requires no payment of tax. For that particular reason, the industry calls such returns “information returns.” They provide a great deal of information to stakeholders such as partners, tax agencies, etc. Partnerships pay no income tax to the federal government and state tax agencies.  

Somewhat different, S Corporation files a similar return with the Internal Revenue Service. However, states such as New York charge a fixed minimum tax to S Corporation when they file their return.    

Sales Tax - Return to listing

Preparing Sales Tax Returns could be a simple task for business owner if one could survive selling one product or service. Then, there would be a chance that such product or service would not be taxable. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Most organizations sell a variety of products and services that result in preparation of complex Sales Tax Returns.

Let us assume that your organization is a gas station with a small store in it. You are probably selling cigarettes and other tobacco products. You may be selling alcoholic beverages as well. Obviously, your sales tax returns involve a main form and probably several attachments. Without the required expertise, you may not be able to submit the proper returns to your state. The amount of activities may also complicate matters even more!

Whatever your situation may be, keep in mind that we are here to assist you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Representation before IRS & State(s) - Return to listing

We have heard from taxpayers with available refund from tax agency saying that they don’t have to file any return. This is not an excellent economic decision. Why would your money be better off in Uncle Sam’s pocket than your pocket? Even I can’t understand this reasoning. Other taxpayers simply make mistakes on the returns they wanted to promptly and properly file. Another category of taxpayer looks too deeply into tax laws loopholes. As a result, they end up getting in deep troubles. With our government tax auditing experience (over 20 years combined), we come to the rescue of those people with tax assessment notices. If you are one, do not hesitate to contact us. We will represent you before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and or your state tax agency.


Wilson & John 

Wilson Louis-Elias, EA
John Thomas, CPA - right

Two former government tax auditors who, jointly, bring decades of experiences, skills and knowledge to you. Do not delay to contact them about all of your personal and business tax matters. Your tax problem cannot wait because the consequences can be too devastating...


Services Overview:
- IRS & State Representation in
  Individual & Business Tax Matters
- Individual Tax Returns
- Business Tax Returns
- Information Tax Returns
- Not-for-Profit Tax Returns
- Payroll Services, including 
  Payroll return, Paychecks,   
  and Direct Deposit
- Trust and Estates Administration
- Business Creation Assistance 


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