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C e r t i f i e d  Q u i c k b o o k s  P r o A d v i s o r

A t  Y o u r  R e a c h

In addition to performing our clients bookkeeping work in our office, being a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor provides us additional tools to acquire the financial software and implement it at the client own business location, if it better serves the client.



Our company, rightly so, targets clientele with absence of accounting and technological capital intelligence to fill in the void. We also understand that larger clients prefer to have their accounting work performed onsite because they can economically afford to do so. However, such potential customer may not have a technology section onsite yet. That’s where we fit in. In fact, the company needs more than just an accountant or a computer specialist to implement Quickbooks. It needs a combination of both.


Without accounting, tax, and computer knowledge, implementing Quickbooks is a plan for disaster. With accounting background and absence of Quickbooks’ required skills, the user-company won’t fully benefit from the power of Quickbooks. Finally, let us simply say that a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor Accountant – like our company – will provide the bookkeeper-employee perfect tools to perform his or her task in a professional manner.


You are just a click away from obtaining the right professional to implement your company’s Quickbooks accounting software.


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Wilson & John

Wilson Louis-Elias, EA
John Thomas, CPA - right

Two former government tax auditors who, jointly, bring decades of experiences, skills and knowledge to you. Do not delay to contact them about all of your personal and business tax matters. Your tax problem cannot wait because the consequences can be too devastating...

Services Overview:
- IRS & State Representation in
  Individual & Business Tax Matters
- Individual Tax Returns
- Business Tax Returns
- Information Tax Returns
- Not-for-Profit Tax Returns
- Payroll Services, including 
  Payroll return, Paychecks,   
  and Direct Deposit
- Trust and Estates Administration
- Business Creation Assistance 


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